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Presently, there are many employs given to the particular hyperbaric oxygen chamber . Its me is not only restricted to medicine but in addition applies to the concept of aesthetics while support with regard to post-surgical and other treatment options.

Hyperbaric oxygenation therapy is a medical and visual treatment that provides 100% oxygen to a individual’s lung method, generating a group of physical along with physiological outcomes, improving a few diseases along with applications within aesthetic therapies.
In Tekna, we now have more than A hundred years dedicated to study and knowledge involving hyperbaric compounds throughout hyperbaric medicine. In Tekna, we offer much more than camcorders. If what you want is to open up a small medical center, or what exactly you need is to get cameras to your large clinic we place at your disposal a variety of products to suit your needs.
We put at your assistance the planning and revision with the construction program code of the spot to put your digital camera, the design of hyperbaric treatment centers, as well as the set up configuration along with tests, most carried out by remarkably professional staff in the area. You can also count on operational training for the actual model you get.
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The actual monoplace hyperbaric chamber, designed to handle one individual at a time, under time limits to 100% health care oxygen grade, obtainable in two designs.
Multiplace hyperbaric chamber is designed to treat several people at the same time, using a wide range of versions, from A couple of to Twenty-four seats as well as optional mattresses. Patients take in air 100% oxygen through the mind or face mask system.
There are also veterinary hyperbaric chamber for the treatment of pets or large creatures, also pressurized with 100% oxygen, together with specific cameras or a gong system, as needed.
On our site, you will find not merely the video cameras but all of the necessary equipment and supplies in hyperbaric medicine.